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Best Treatment for Loose, Sagging Skin: ReFirme™

STAR Magazine: Carnie Wilson chooses ReFirme™ Skin Treatment

How to Fix Sagging Skin after Weight Loss: STAR Magazine February 12, 2007

Some quotes from "Sagging Skin"

"I had a lot of excess skin - I just needed to have it firmed" - Carnie Wilson

"Liposuction isn't an option, because I don't have any fat under my skin. The solution? ReFirme, which is painless" - Carnie Wilson

Weight fluctuation actually increases the risk of loose skin, according to fitness expert Dr. Edward Jackowski, so Wilson, 38, opted for FDA-approved ReFirme, a noninvasive procedure in which an electic current (coming from a unit that resembles a sonogram machine) is applied to the loose skin, stimulating and firming the collagen.

"the procedure is not scary," Carnie assures Star

"...Carnie's Dematologist, Newport Beach, California based Dr. Vince Afsahi, tells Star that clients need about five 45 minute treatments, two to four weeks apart on each loose area, to see results. "It consists of a series of what feel like little snaps or pings," he tells Star. He keeps his client list confidential, but adds, "Celebrities have been flocking to me!"

After a major weight loss like Carnie's, the skin loses its elasticity, weight expert Dr. Edward Jackwoski tells Star. In the past, the only way to remove excess skin was through surgery, but that would leave scars, explains Dr. Michelle Copeland, a New York City based plastic surgeon, who did not treat Carnie.

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